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Welcome QPA Institute participants!

Institute teachers will serve as leaders in their respective schools and facilitate teacher teams in the design, field testing, and validation of local,curriculum-embedded performance assessments for all grades and disciplines. Institutes will include four in-person days each for K-8 and High Schools between June 2017 and May 2018. Over the course of the institute, participants will complete a cycle of Align-Design-Analyze with performance assessments.

Agendas and other materials from institute days, as well as supplemental resources can be found here and on the QPA Portal.

Cohort 2 Essential Documents

Cohort 2 Fall Institute

At the fall institute participants continued the design process, engaging in task tunings to gather feedback about initial design ideas. The day was spent building out task and rubric designs, as well as planning for performance assessment implementation throughout the year.


  • Learn the Assessment Validation Protocol and Task Tuning Protocol for analyzing the technical quality of a performance assessment
  • Explore a range of strategies to support the collaborative design of performance assessments

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October 18

November 2

Cohort 2 Summer Institute

At the Summer institute, participants were introduced to the MCIEA initiative. Participants learned about the basics of task and rubric design through rapid prototyping, looking at assessment work, and exploring Tool 8. Participants left the days ready to bring performance assessment work back to their schools.


Get to know one another’s schools and performance assessment practices. Build common language aligned with the QPA Framework and Guide.
Explore a range of strategies to support the collaborative design of performance assessments.
Develop practices for designing well aligned, accessible, cognitively complex performance assessment.

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