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The goal of the MCIEA Performance Assessment Task Bank is to provide models of high quality performance tasks, rubrics, and curriculum planning documents from educators in MCIEA districts. Sharing across schools will illustrate the ways MCIEA educators are using performance assessment to measure in multiple ways the deeper thinking skills that we want our students to learn and demonstrate. We envision these models will be a key resource to educators as they incorporate more performance assessments into their own curriculum, develop aligned instructional practices, and support colleagues who teach other levels and subjects to learn the Quality Performance Assessment (QPA) process.

Submit a Task!

The MCIEA Performance Assessment Task Bank depends on educator willingness to share with each other! You are invited to submit your task(s) to the performance assessment task bank and help us share high-quality performance assessment work going on throughout the consortium.

Submission Requirements

  • Curriculum Planning Document (e.g. QPA Tool 8 or equivalent)
    This is the completed template you used for designing and implementing your performance based assessment.
  • Student Instructions
    These are the documents that you gave to your students with task directions.
  • Rubric(s)
    Please include all rubrics that you used with your students.
  • Evidence of Validation
    This is the date of validation.
  • Evidence of Calibration
    This is the date of calibration.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where can I find the templates for the Planning Tool (Tool 8) and the Student Instructions?

These templates can be found on CCE's QPA Portal in the Task and Rubric Design section. Please be sure to download and save as.

What format should I use for my submission?

Please submit your documents as Word documents or PDFs. You will be asked to submit each component separately. Please use the following naming convention: [last name]_[taskname – no spaces]_[document type – no spaces] (e.g. Smith_PaperBridge_Rubric)

Which fields are required?

All fields are required.

If there are multiple authors, can I include them all?

Yes, please fill in the form using one author’s information as the primary submitter and list all co-authors in the provided text box field.

See the MCIEA Performance Assessment Task Bank FAQ document for other questions.

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