MCIEA Network Activities


Building on the activities from last year, Cohort 1 MCIEA schools are invited to participate in continued professional development to support the continuation of performance assessment development at your schools. Activities this year include: institutes, school learning visits, collaborative design and scoring, meetings with district leaders, and development of the MCIEA Task Bank. All of these activities are geared towards provide both the necessary content development support and resources for fully building out teacher-generated performance assessment practices! Continue to check this page for important updates and resources.

Cohort 1 Year 2 Goal: Continue to build and lead team assessment literacy in order to support the integration of performance assessment practices school- and faculty-wide.

  Tuesday, October 17th Cohort 1 Network Meeting A day of sessions focused on advanced task design.
  Thursday, November 30th Network Meeting A day of sessions co-creating MCIEA cross-district initiatives.
  January-May School Learning Visits
  June Collaborative Scoring Come together with Cohort 2 to look at student work and norms on scoring practices across-districts.