Task Bank

Task Bank

The goal of the MCIEA Task Bank is to provide models of high-quality performance tasks, rubrics, and curriculum planning documents from educators in MCIEA districts. Sharing across schools will illustrate the ways MCIEA educators are using performance assessment to measure in multiple ways the deeper thinking skills that we want our students to learn and demonstrate. The MCIEA Task Bank depends on educator willingness to share with each other!

Students will combine their knowledge of birds and adaptations with their imagination to create new a new bird that has adaptive features. Students will start by thinking of a home for the bird and imagine a bird that can survive in the home that the student creates.


Teacher Name
Natasha Gordon, Isabel Schooler
School District
Boston Public Schools
School Name
Henry Grew Elementary School
Science, ELA

Download task description, teacher instructions, student instructions and rubric

MCIEA Fantasy Bird Task.pdf


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